ID Card Policy

The Truman State University ID Card is issued for the duration of a student, faculty,or staff member’s affiliation with the University. It should be carried at all times while on University property. It must be presented to the University officials or Department of Public Safety employees upon request.

Truman ID Cards are the property of Truman State University, and as such, they can be confiscated if there is any misuse, forgery, or alteration of the ID Card. A student may also be subject to the university conduct process, as outlined in the Student Conduct Code.

The Truman ID Card is non-transferable. Only the person to whom the ID Card has been issued is eligible to use the ID Card. When a new or replacement ID is issued, any attempt to use a previous ID is considered misuse.

Lawful Presence

Each new incoming Truman student must present a government-issued ID to confirm their identity before being issued a Truman ID card. The following documents are accepted to establish lawful presence:

  • A state-issued driver’s license
  • A state-issued nondriver’s identification card
  • A United States birth certificate
  • A United States military identification card
  • A United States passport

If a student is unable to present a valid document or electronic scan of a valid document to establish lawful presence, then they will be denied their student ID card until they can present the documentation needed. All international students should work with the Center for International Students to establish lawful presence.

Release of ID Photographs

Student ID photographs are considered a part of an educational record at Truman State University. According to Truman State University’s FERPA policy, educational records are released only with the written consent of the student. Exceptions to the written consent procedure are listed in the policy. In general, student ID photographs will be released only to school officials who have a legitimate educational interest in the photograph. Faculty members who are instructors for courses in which the student is currently enrolled and academic advisors will have access to student ID photographs. ID photographs will also be released in situations when the student’s own health and safety and/or health and safety of other students might be in jeopardy.

Any requests for access to student ID photographs not previously addressed must be submitted in writing clearly articulating the requesting party’s “educational need to know” or other criteria listed in the FERPA policy that would constitute a legitimate right to access student photographs. Requests need to be submitted in advance providing at least two weeks for processing. There may be a charge for providing ID photographs.  Student ID photographs will not be released to other students, school or community officials for the purpose of solicitation, organization membership, or other purposes not directly related to the educational experience of the students. Student ID photographs will not be released in electronic form to prevent sharing with unauthorized parties.