Lost/Replacement IDs

ID cards are replaced at the ID Office during posted business hours. The authorized cardholder should immediately report loss or theft of their Truman ID card:

  • During business hours (Monday-Friday, 10 am – 2 pm):
    Visit the ID Office at Missouri Hall 1100
  • After Hours:
    Email idoffice@truman.edu

Temporary Meal Cards

If you have lost your Truman ID Card and would like a few days to see if it turns up before paying for a replacement, you can receive a temporary meal card from the Food Service Office in the Student Union Building. These cards are issued for a limited amount of time, and if your ID card is not found it will need to be replaced.

Residence Hall Access

If a student with residence hall access loses their ID card during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm), they should go to the ID Office for a replacement ID card.

If a resident loses their Truman ID Card and is locked out of their building, they should call their building’s duty phone number to be let in by a Student Advisor. If a resident’s card is lost on a weekend or during a university break, a temporary card might be issued. Temporary cards only allow access into the residence halls. Temporary cards do not work for services like the dining halls, library, rec center, etc.

As soon as a Truman ID Card is reported as lost/stolen, it will be deactivated so it cannot be misused.

Replacement ID Cards

Replacement IDs can be requested from the ID office for the following reasons:

Replacement ReasonDescriptionReplacement Charge?
Name ChangeThose requesting a new Truman ID Card because of a name change must have formally updated their name with the university first. Students can update their name at the Registrar’s office. University employees can update their name at the Human Resources office.No charge
MisprintThose requesting a new Truman ID Card because of an error in the printing process (incorrect name, incorrect Banner ID #, incorrect card type, etc) should bring the misprinted card with them to the ID office and have a corrected card issued.No charge
Lost CardLost cards should be reported to the ID office as soon as possible so the lost card can be deactivated to avoid misuse.$25
Faulty/Damaged CardFaulty/damaged cards are cards that are unable to be used to access resources on campus (library, rec center, dining, etc).Cards that no longer work due to regular use will be replaced for free. Damage from neglect, intentional alterations, or misuse will incur a $25 charge.

NOTE: When replacing a Truman ID Card, if the old ID card is not turned in while getting the new card, it will be treated as replacing a lost ID card and a replacement fee will be assessed.

Students will have the Lost Card fee charged to their student account at the beginning of each month.

Replacement Academic Name Badge

Academic Name Badges are ID cards given to students for use in classes or academic programs they are taking part in. These badges are ordered by representatives of the respective academic program/department.

Lost or damaged Academic Name Badges can be replaced at the ID Office during posted business hours. Prior to arriving, the student needing a replacement Academic Name Badge must have a representative of the academic program/department email idoffice@truman.edu confirming that the student is in a program/course that requires they have an Academic Name Badge.

Students requesting the replacement of an Academic Name Badge will be required to pay $3 to cover printing costs of the new card. Students may request to have the fee charged to their student account. Please check to see when the charges are posted and ready to be paid. Charges are processed at the beginning of each month.